The Siberian Cat

Le Siberian is a breed of cat that originated in Russia. This large cat is characterised by its semi-long-haired coat and "barrel-shaped" silhouette.

It is considered to be the most hypoallergenic breed of cat, i.e. with the fewest allergens, known to date.

The Siberian story

The Siberian Cat is Russia's national cat. It is an indigenous semi-long-haired breed with ancient origins that have not yet been accurately traced.
This natural breed has inhabited Russia for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Historical documents dating back to the year 1000 already spoke of Siberian cats.

The name Siberian was given to them because of their coat of smooth, semi-long hair with a waterproof effect, with a double layer of dense undercoat that enables the animal to survive the cold winters of various Russian regions such as Siberia and Northern Russia.
The Siberian is thought to be the result of a cross between the local wild cat (felis silvestris) native to the Ural Mountains, the Central Siberian Plateau and the Caucasus Mountains, and Russian domestic cats. In fact, a wild cat (félis silvestris caucasica) very similar in appearance to the Siberian can still be seen in Transcaucasia today.
It has been suggested that the longhair mutation originated in Russia and spread from there to Turkey (Angoras) and Persia (Persians). It is even assumed that all longhaired breeds have their origins in Russian cats. The first standard for the breed was drawn up in 1989 by O. Mironova.

Features and Standards

Powerful, muscular animals of medium to large size. Females are much smaller than males. On average, females weigh between 3.5 and 5.5 kg, and males between 5 and 7 kg.
The head is large, in the shape of a short, broad trapezium, in good proportion to the body, with a slight flat plane on the top of the head. The contours are softened.
The neck is strong and short.
The profile is rounded and extended by a slight depression at eye level. The nose is moderately short and flat and the muzzle round and strong.
The chin is broad and strong, but not protruding and rather receding.
The ears are medium to large, broad at the base and separated by a distance equivalent to an ear's width. Viewed from the side, they are slightly tilted forward. The tips are rounded and they are covered on the outside with abundant fur. Lynx tips are popular.
The coat is smooth and glossy with a waterproof effect and a double layer of dense undercoat. On the sides of the chest, the fur is softer.
The tail is of medium length, thick at the base, tapering slightly to a rounded tip.
The eyes are medium-sized, rounded, set wide apart, with the outer corners slanting slightly upwards. Their colour is green or yellow and must be in harmony with the coat.


Temperament of the Siberian cat

Temperamentally, Siberians are very loyal friends and very close to their families. They are very cuddly and playful at the same time.
They are real 'dog cats', very affectionate, demonstrative and communicative. Dog cats, too, in the sense that they adapt very easily to change. As far as a Siberian cat is concerned, it is possible to take it on holiday with you instead of having it looked after at home. This is often very difficult with other breeds of cat, which are more fearful of change and need their own routine and territory.

A cat can be trained in exactly the same way as a dog. Siberians learn very quickly what they should and shouldn't do, as well as how to play, walk on a lead and so on. Popular belief has it that "you can't train a cat", but this is not true of the Siberian cat!


Siberians require no special care: brushing once a week is enough. During the moulting period, a quick brushing a day is necessary.
Siberians need to move around and need a minimum of space. That said, they are perfectly suited to life in a flat. However, he will need several rooms to visit for walks and activities to keep him occupied during the day, as well as cat trees, as he loves to climb. He loves contact with water, and if you get him used to it when he's young, he'll appreciate a good bath, making it a moment of pleasure and play.

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Written by Daniela Barros

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