Our breeding

This cattery is the reflection of our passion and all the love we give to our cats, who are fully-fledged members of our family. Come and discover our world.

High-quality cats bred with love

The Siberian cat exists in two versions: Traditional and Neva Masquerade.

In fact, only the colour differs, as the Neva Masquerade has a colourpoint coat, meaning that it is born white and then its cooler extremities become coloured. Its eyes are inevitably blue.

The traditional Siberian will have all the other colours with a tabby (striped) or solid (plain) pattern.

We breed the 2 versions to offer you the widest possible choice of colours. At Envol Sibérien, there's something for everyone!


Our Ariel when she was still a kitten: you can see that the tips are starting to darken. But she's silver, so she'll stay fairly light.

Long live diversity!

Siberians are very lucky to have a very wide range of colours.

At Envol Sibérien, rather than specialising in just one dress, we've chosen to have as many as possible. And with each birth, there's a new surprise!

We have sought-after colours like blue and silver, rare colours like sunshine and traditional white cats with blue eyes. And of course colourpoints, browns, gingers...

Take a look at our breeding cats and kittens page to get an idea!

The breed is well represented in France, where we have excellent catteries from which most of our cats come. But of course, we couldn't resist the pleasure of picking up a few wonders in the heart of its country of origin: Russia!

Our selection is very rigorous; our cattery is based on quality, not quantity. to bring you the most extraordinary Siberian cats and kittens!

All our breeding cats are FIV/FELV, PKDef and APR-rdac tested.

They benefit from top-quality food and a rich environment that contributes greatly to their well-being and health.


Pikachu, munchkin in admiration of the sublime Siberian Nugget.

We have always been passionate about felinesBut the discovery of an allergy in our family almost put an end to this passion! And that, of course, is how we discovered this extraordinary breed. Today we also breed Munchkins, but our favourite breed is and always will be the Siberian!

Our cattery is family-run, which means that our cats and all our kittens live with us. They know the children, the dogs, the other cats and all the noises in the house. They live, sleep and play with us, becoming accustomed to a family life, which gives the kittens a very high level of socialisation.

Our cats also have access to a fenced-in outdoor garden with a run, games and cat trees.

Life is tough at home!

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