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About our Siberian kittens

What is a L'Envol Sibérien kitten?

A L'Envol Sibérien kitten is a kitten who has received a great deal of love and who will win you over, as much for his endearing and affectionate behaviour as for his beauty! If you're looking for a high-quality Siberian kitten for sale that truly stands out from the crowd, L'Envol Sibérien is undoubtedly the right choice for you.

Outstanding quality

To succeed in producing the most beautiful Siberian kittens imaginable, you must first have the most beautiful cats possible! Take the time to have a look at our breeding Siberian cats. They are simply breathtaking! We work very hard to select only exceptional cats, and this is directly reflected in the quality of our kittens for sale.


All our breeding cats undergo a series of health tests to detect various possible illnesses. These measures prevent many problems for our cats, our Siberian kittens for sale and their potential owners.

We are proud to be a cattery that has tested negative for the following diseases and health problems:

  • FiV/FeLV (AIDS/leukaemia)
  • PK-Deficiency (anaemia)
  • APR-rdac (progressive retinal atrophy of the eyes)
  • Tritrichomonas (intestinal parasites)
  • Giardia (intestinal parasites)
  • Coccidiosis (intestinal parasites)


The temperament of the Siberian kitten you are going to buy is of the utmost importance, as this is what will determine your bond of attachment and love towards it. For a Siberian cat to be gentle and affectionate, it must have been socialised and stroked from an early age. The first few months at the breeder's are very important. At L'Envol Sibérien, our babies are born and raised right in the heart of our home. They receive lots of love and are cuddled at all times of the day, so as you can imagine, their socialisation goes wonderfully well. Our Siberian kittens for sale are simply adorable.

And because temperament is often hereditary, we select breeding Siberian cats with the best possible behaviour. That makes all the difference.

Available kittens

Hunger Games" litter - born on 11/11/23

U-Tigris Siberian Flight

Female blue tortie - a rare colour, truly exceptional!
Adorable and mischievous
Available at

U-Katniss Siberian Flight

Blue and white female
Adorable and cuddly, very playful, the little rascal of the litter!
Available at

U-Peeta Siberian Flight

Sublime cream tabby male
Already a real dog, very, very clingy!

U-Primrose Siberian Flight

Female neva masquerade
Soft and cuddly

Unger Siberian Flight

Male neva masquerade blue tabby point
Adorable kitten, very clingy!

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