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TOP*Matryoshka Holms

Meet Holms, Francis to his friends, the 7th wonder of L'Envol Sibérien. He's a Siberian cat who has really been spoiled by nature. He has a bright blue mackerel tabby coat. He also has a magnificent lion's head and beautiful vet eyes. And, of course, he has an extraordinary size!

Character-wise, he's simply a marvel! Always purring and cuddling on our laps. In fact, from every point of view, he's an exceptional cat!

Our big teddy bear produces beautiful kittens with our princesses.

Simone de Beauvoir Siberian Flight

Our little wonder, born at home, with the look of a star. She has a magnificent head, piercing eyes and a wonderful silver colour. Simone is a real princess and she knows it, she knows very well how to explain to you when you're not stroking her enough or not in the right place, we can't even say that all she lacks is the ability to speak, because chatty as she is, we have great conversations! She's a great mum, and produces extraordinary Siberian cats with a great character.

Tombétoile des Hauts de Raynal nugget

How could you not fall in love with this lovely sunshine female? She's so sweet and affectionate... Pépite is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She's a Siberian cat with a superb head, magnificent eyes and a large frame that she passes on to her kittens. The sunshine coat, long confused with the golden, is very rare and is characterised by warm tones, a special mask with an all-pink nose and black booties under the paws.

Princess Ariel Lyumur

Here's our latest arrival, our snowball, all round and soft, straight from Russia.

Ariel is as incredibly sweet and cuddly as her looks would suggest.

Being Neva Masquerade Blue Silver, we'll have some magnificent blue babies, silver or not, traditional or neva.


Pamela Chatterie de Nice

Pamela, known as Pia is our azure-eyed prodigy, the one we've been looking for for a long time. As well as her incredible eyes, this superb Siberian cat has everything going for her: a perfect head, a powerful body and a large size that she passes on to her kittens, as does her white marking to match her blue eyes. We hope that married to our magnificent Pushkin, we'll have blue babies with blue eyes!

Please note: the question of traditional blue-eyed Siberians is currently being debated and studied by the LOOF. Out of respect for the work of breeders, no traditional blue-eyed kitten may be sold as a LOOF kitten, only as a type kitten, despite the fact that Pamela has her LOOF pedigree.


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